Monday, 25 May 2015

FUN for the Family: A Giant Homemade Slip 'n' Slide

50 Feet of Homemade Slip n Slide Fun

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Do your kids love the Slip n Slide, but have outgrown the ones you can buy in the store? If so not to worry because you can make a Homemade Slip n Slide that is fun for all ages.
My kids love Slip n Slides and we have had one almost every summer, BUT they are much bigger now and the store bought ones just do not cut it anymore.  So this year I promised I would make them one that would hold up and be extra long and this past 4th of July I kept that promise.
Creating this Homemade Slip n Slide was beyond EASY and it was also not too bad on the wallet either.  It may be a bit more money than the toys ones, but it is reusable and worth every cent spent. Major Summertime Fun right here !!
Check it out……

So here is what I used to make my Homemade Slip n Slide:
So I went to my local Ace Hardware Store and picked up a Roll of Extra Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting. I chose the one that was 6 mil which is the thickness of the plastic – just by touch I knew this would be plenty and hold up well. My Roll was 10 ft x 25 ft and cost me $29.99. You can find this plastic is many sizes and lengths and will depend on how long and how wide you would want to make it.
I also picked up 2 packages of Fabric Pegs – which are just plastic pegs that would stick through the Slide and into the ground to hold it in place.
Now originally when I bought the Plastic Sheeting I was so excited that it would be double wide for 2 to go down it together and at the time I thought 25′ was long. Well when my hubby unrolled it onto the lawn 25′ did not look long at all – What was I thinking? So we fixed that by cutting it in half to make it 50′ Feet long and now we were back  in business.
So our Slip n Slide was 5′ wide by 50′ feet long – now that was awesome !!!
After we put the Plastic Sheeting on the lawn we then added some of the Fabric Pegs in where needed to hold it down. Then we got out the hose and wet down the entire slide and then placed it at the top so that it ran down the slide to keep it wet.
In addition to the water we added on some Dish Soap to make the Slip n Slide that much more fun and the kids got all cleaned at the same time – Double Bonus (lol) !! Just be sure to warn the kids so they do not get too much in their eyes.
The kids all dipped in the Pool to wet themselves down first and then off they went. I am not sure which was more fun watching them slide down this thing like rockets or actually going down it – the kids would definitely say Going Down !!
 Here are some action shots and I am happy to report no major injuries – just some minor Bumps and Bruises, but none of them complained. They had sooo much fun with this and I have dried it off rolled it up and will take it back out for my daughter’s upcoming party.
So if your kids are too big for the other Slip n Slides – make your own, or make one anyway. It will last longer and you can make it to be any size you want, gotta love that !!
So at your next backyard Summer Party for the kids you will definitely have to try this !!

Thanks again to for the awesome idea and instructions!

Here's some tips: 
  • you can replace the dish soap with baby shampoo, to make it tear-free if you get it in your eyes.
  • let your imagination run wild and buy some cheap pool inflatables for the kids to slide on!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Meet a Match: Aaron & Xander

Aaron and Xander

Krista Duke, Special Events Coordinator, wrote the following about Big Brother, Aaron and Little Brother, Xander

For the past two years, Xander and Aaron have spent many hours throwing around a baseball, playing soccer, fishing, riding bikes, and occasionally playing video games. Often their visits take place outside, where Xander can burn off some steam, and Aaron can feel like a kid again. Aaron loves being able to teach and show Xander new things, like how to play baseball, taking him to his first Blue Jays game, or a fishing derby where they camped overnight. “I love seeing his reaction to life,” says Aaron. “It’s great to see his passion take off from small events.”

When asked if he had seen a positive change in Xander since they first met, Aaron says he’s definitely noticed that Xander is more resilient than he was before, and that he’s able to use criticism as a building tool, instead of dwelling on it. For example, if Xander doesn’t do so well on a test at school, Aaron simply explains that there’s more to the subject to be learned, and Xander’s able build off that. Aaron also adds that when Xander was asked to make a decision, he used to be pretty indecisive, but now he seems more sure of himself and his decisions.

However, it’s not only Xander that’s learning new things in the relationship. Aaron says that mentoring has taught him to “hone his patience” and he’s pleasantly surprised with how much trust he has in such a young person. Aaron also said that Xander has opened his eyes to how much Xander, as a kid, has to offer to their relationship. “I’d be lying if I said the match was just for Xander,” said Aaron. Aaron admits that Xander keeps him grounded, humble and open to other’s issues and situations. It was two years ago when Aaron was living in Uxbridge that he signed up to be a Big Brother for Xander, and at that specific time, mentoring was something that he needed. Since then, Aaron has moved to Oshawa, but is willing to commute every week in order to continue his mentoring relationship with Xander.

Aaron also adds “Through my relationship with Xander, I’m able to narrow down what makes me happy; simply, seeing him happy makes me happy.”

If you're interested in learning more information about our mentoring programs, please call Cheryl Holmes at 905-985-3733 ext 2.  


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Meet a Match: Mallory & Alora

Mallory and Alora

Traditional Big Sister, Mallory, wrote this about her match with Alora.

I met Alora when she was in grade 4. It's hard to believe that was 7 whole years ago. I had decided to become an in-school mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham.  I had no idea what I would end up finding. 

For a year and half, Alora and I would meet every Friday morning at 9:15am for an hour. We would colour, listen to music, play outside and chat about what was going on in her life. As time went on we both looked forward to that solitary hour every Friday morning. 

Near the end of Alora’s 5th grade year, my boyfriend and I decided to move to Toronto. I realized that I couldn’t continue with the in-school mentor program if I was only to be living over and hour away. I contacted my BBBS rep and explained that I didn’t want to stop being Alora’s mentor, but I didn’t know how I was going to continue if I was moving away. It was suggested to me that I could become a full Big Sister to Alora.

Since then Alora and I have spent over 4 ½ years matched a Big & Little. We have both grown so much in our years together and it’s amazing to think that there is still so much ahead of us.
Alora was one of my bridesmaids and stood beside me as I said, “I do”. She grew up so much during those months of wedding planning. She helped to organize my bridal shower with my mother and step-mom; she bonded with all of the other bridesmaids (all girls my age!) and then danced the night away at my wedding with her best friend and my two brothers.

Although we are both at completely different points in our life we are both able to help the other through the challenging times that come before us. In the end, that is truly what being a sister is all about. 

If you're interested in learning more information about our mentoring programs, please call Cheryl Holmes at 905-985-3733 ext 2.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Durham Region Feature: Fun Things To Do This Summer

You don't have to leave Durham Region to have fun, that's why we put this list together of places to go and things to try!

1. Salmon Fishing

Fish 'n' Fun Salmon Fishing Charters leaves from the Port Whitby Marina and you get to fish Lake Ontario. Best part--you get to keep your catch!

2. Paintball

Located on Coates Rd on the Oshawa/Port Perry border, Sector 57 Paintball has 3 different fields where you can play in a private rental, or with giant group of people! Take the kids for a birthday party, or relieve some work stress with this really fun and active activity!

3. Jungle Cat World

Lions and tigers and Leopards, oh my! These guys and many more are right in your backyard (well, Orono). Take the kids to Jungle Cat World and see the 31 kinds of mammals, 12 kinds birds, 11 kinds of reptiles, and 7 different invertebrates! 

4. Geocaching

Geocaching is the modern day treasure hunt! Search for thousands of caches outdoors all around the Durham Region with the Geocaching app or, if you're feeling adventurous, hide your own and leave your trail behind! Best part--it's  FREE and you'll find a new way to enjoy the outdoors all year round. 

5. Ziplining

Feeling brave? At Tree Top Eco Adventure Park you can try out a high ropes course, do some ziplining, and a new combat archery field!

6. Paint your own Pottery

Ever wanted to recreate that famous scene from Ghost? In Oshawa, you can! At Ceramics Canada, you can make your own pottery, they'll fire it, and then you can come back and paint it! You can also do clay hand building and glass fusing! Fun for the whole family.

7. Outdoor Laser Tag

Paintball a little messy and painful for you? Well try this alternative! Traditionally, laser tag is played indoors, however at Action Adventure Games, you can play this mess-free fun and active game outside in Bowmanville!

Friday, 8 May 2015

McHappy Day 2015

Wednesday May 7th was McHappy Day and boy we're we MCHAPPY!

Thanks to Ginger and Sandy Jackson, owners of McDonalds in Port Perry and Uxbridge, we were lucky enough to receive the proceeds from every Big Mac, hot McCafe beverage and Happy Meal sold. We're so happy to say that we raised $10,424.00!!!!This is over $2,000 more than we raised last year!!

A huge thanks goes out to all the McDonalds crew who made this day possible! They were all so kind to our volunteers and fast and efficient all day!

Over 60 volunteers from local businesses, council members, and service clubs volunteered their time for an hour or more in able to support our cause! Thanks to the following for lending a employee or two to volunteer:

Township of Scugog Council Members
Port Perry Fire Department
Uxbridge Fire Department
Township of Uxbridge Council Members
Lance Brown
The Roxy Theatres

 Here are some pictures from both restaurants
The McDonalds Crew in Uxbridge knows what they're doing.
Scott Richardson and Uxbridge Councilor Fred Bryan run the drive thru in the early morning.
Scott Rutledge did a fantastic job in the drive thru window!
Police Officer Lee, BBBSND's Becky Lawlor and Upright Doors Services Al Fortnum!
Community Care's Lorrie Houston and Floating Creations Balloon Uxbridge's Pauline.
Port Perry really dressed up the store for McHappy Day!
Lake Scugog Lumber's Paul Griffin and BBBSND's Margaret Ayres
The DRPS K9 unit helped us out, too!
Scugog's councilor Janna Guido helped for HOURS!
Uxbridge's Mayor Gerri-Lynn O'Connor, Big Brother Lance Brown and McDonalds owner Ginger Jackson.

The Uxbridge Times Journal's Yasmin!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meet a Match: Tim and Nate

Tim and Nate

Cheryl Holmes, Programs manager, wrote the following about Traditional match Tim and Nate.

Tim Edwards grew up with three sisters in the house and is really enjoying being a Big Brother – “It’s pretty awesome!” Tim and Nate King mark their first match anniversary (September 13th) during Big Brothers Big Sisters Month… only two days before Nate’s birthday. Nate will soon be eight years-old but Tim said it “doesn’t feel like a year.” Nate has brought Tim back to his childhood, to the games and activities he used to play when he was younger.

Nate was a little bit shy answering questions but with some encouragement from his Big Brother admits his life was “boring” before Tim came along. He said, “now life is good…Tim makes it more fun.” The Big Brother / Little Brother combo has done much together in the past year: attended a Toronto Blue Jays game, gone bowling, to the Toronto Zoo, swam and played in the park. As well, Tim taught Nate to skate, ride a bike and introduced him to the game of golf.

Tim says it’s nice to find common interests and teach one another new skills. Tim hopes Nate will one day join the program as a Big Brother. When asked about his feelings for Nate, Tim self-consciously admitted he loves him. “…he’s like family. He fits right in.” In fact, Tim says his whole family loves Nate.

The feeling is mutual. Elizabeth King, Nate’s mom said Nate included Tim in his family tree at school last year. She also said Nate tells his friends all about his Big Brother and if a friends asks him to play when Tim is there, he says no way, he’s not leaving his Big Brother!

At the end of our meeting, Nate gave Tim a humungous hug and didn’t want to let go. Having said that, Nate was even more bashful than Tim about his expressing his feelings in words. It wasn’t until after Tim left the interview that Nate said “Yeah. I love him.”

If you're interested in learning more information about our mentoring programs, please call Cheryl Holmes at 905-985-3733 ext 2.

Monday, 4 May 2015


Welcome to the new blog of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham!

Here's what our organization does in the briefest of terms: We provide quality Mentoring Programs the children and youth in North Durham (Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge). More details about our Mentoring Programs can be found on our website here.

Since we are a non-profit organization, we have many fundraisers throughout the year in order to keep ourselves running. These events include our famous Annual Wing & Pizza Night (the last Saturday in February), our Bowl for Kids Sake (usually April or May), our Ride for Kids Sake (September) and our Halloween Spooktacular Party (October, obviously). We are also lucky enough to be involved in many third party events such as Campkin's Open House, the Scugog Men's Hockey League Charity Golf Tournament,  Bridal Wars, many BBQs and more!

On this blog, we'll let you know what we're doing, share stories about our awesome matches, share with you ideas for things to do with your kids or teens (straight from our Pinterest page) and just random things that we like! We hope you enjoy and please follow us on our new blog journey to keep everyone informed!

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